What’s in a name? Well, everything actually. Minerbox Interactive was created by Holt Creative Group in 2017 focusing primarily on expanding digital capabilities while leveraging award-winning creative.


And while digital marketing is one of our primary focuses, we found data being delivered from these efforts extremely inefficient and unorganized, making it difficult for our clients to see a clear return on their investment.


The result of refining this data became Minerbox Interactive- as like an actual minerbox, or miner rocking box as some folks call it, we have directed our efforts in mining for data. And like mining for gold, you have to dig through a lot of worthless information before you get to the good stuff. And that good stuff, along with a very capable team, is what makes a website become a digital marketing machine.


From hosting solutions to digital development all the way to great CRM tools, Minerbox Interactive has become the fastest growing digital company in the East Texas region with a client roster now spanning across four states and counting.


At Minerbox, we can help manage any digital project, large or small.


Minerbox Interactive – Where Great Digital Meets Great Creative

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