Project Management

Each project received by our Minerbox Team will be placed in our project management system which details all project timelines as well as benchmark dates for deliverables for real-time review. Authorized personnel will receive weekly updates on each project. We may also request weekly meetings with the client’s project team leader in order to present project updates and gain necessary feedback.


In an effort to run our projects effectively, we provide a project team that will consist of an Account Executive, a Senior Designer and well-seasoned Web Developer.


Once your project is in our system, the assigned Account Executive will ensure that all client communications are documented as well as perform project reporting, monitor project timelines and ensure timely delivery and placement of all project deliverables. The assigned Account Executive will oversee all design and programming efforts and will hold ultimate responsibility for the projects’ success and act as the single point of contact for all project strategy and issue resolution.


This individual will own the client relationship from project inception through to completion and ensure the client’s satisfaction with the project team at all times.